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Wallstreet Politics

OCCUPY JAIL - did you see this during the tea party protests?

OWS TENTS - How dare one of them have a bigger tent than the rest

OWS - not earth friendly

OWS PATRIOTISM - behold the love

OWS SUPPORTER - Alec Baldwin Capital One Spokesman

CLUELESS + HOMELESS - a shared political belief

TAXPAYER - easy to spot

1 WISE MAN - among thousands of men and women

CORPORATIONS - made your clothes, brooms, trash can, blackberry etc. What have you made?

OCCUPY TRASH - hoarders approve

1%ER - There they are, why didn't you get'em? Some millionaires get a pass. Occupy Hypocrisy

SELF-HATING CAPITALISTS - hypocrites support OWS

WALLSTREET BANKERS - Discussing how they're devouring the life savings of middle class Americans.

K-12 - not enough for the greedy

YES SIR - Its not the business that bought our representatives Its the representatives who sold our future Vote the bums out!

OCCUPY PAYMENTS - This is what happens when children are given everything. (remember the temper tantrum for toys)

CRIME? - Only in China & Cuba

OWS NYC - ashamed of their message

OWS LA - Anti-Semitic hatred flows casually, openly and freely

PROFESSOR PANDER - across the board salary cuts will lower students tuition costs

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sphart1 - September 6, 2012, 7:58 am
College professors - getting paid to sit around and do nothing.

OWS ASHEVILLE - asking for $170,000.00 of taxpayer funds so they can be squatters

AMERICAN NAZI PARTY - now supporting Occupy Wall Street

OLD HIPPIES - LSD formed their political views

OCCUPY HYPOCRISY - Will this 1%er pay for the clean up?

OWS GREECE EDITION - show your face


OCCUPY FILL IN THE BLANK - supporting Ron Paul the GOP's Ralph Nader

OWS SMELL - enjoy

OCCUPY WALL STREET - Was it in your self interest to take out a loan?

THE RICH - have become the publicans and sinners to the self righteous

401K - Someone doesn't understand what the downward arrow means.

OBAMA 2008 - change you can believe in do you still believe?

DR. EVIL - is here to give you his money

DIANE SAWYER - 805 Alien nations now protesting wall street

OWS LOGIC - blame the result not the cause

OWS GREED - show your face

WHERE REASON DIES - occupy wall street

LIBERAL EDUCATION - your job awaits

OCCUPY WALL STREET - they don't know what they want

HEAD & BODY LICE OUTBREAK ANNOUNCED AT #OCCUPY PORTLAND. - “He spoke, and there came divers sorts of flies, and lice in all their coasts.” Psalm 105:31.

OCCUPY HOMELESS - they took over the protest

OWS ASHEVILLE - Still protesting for Obamacare They have no idea it passed

OWS SONG - F**K America

OWS CONVERSATION - bring ear plugs or go deaf

COMMUNIST CHINA - supports occupy wall street

THE LOTTO - If the 1% is evil don't accept the winnings.

EMPLOYMENT - maybe Cirque du Soleil is hiring

THE UNITED STATES MINT - sent a spy to keep an eye on the protestors

OWS NH - beware of the pimps why do OWS allow so many crimes?

KEEP READING - Matthew 20:14 & 15

LIBERAL GOALS - outrage protesting surrender

OWS NYC - if you give up you will never find work

OWS NO CUTS - 5.7 million dollars to study stink bugs


OCCUPY WINNEBAGO - wasn't your message about poverty?

GREECE - smelling like Zuccotti Park

GOURMET MEALS - you wouldn't be that happy after eating a MRE OWS protesters are eating 5 course meals

OWS NYC - one guy would love to go back to work at the bank

AMERICA OR GREECE - No Cuts No tax increases can cover the huge spending Your message is too late

OWS NYC - “They’re defecating on our doorsteps” “The cowbells start at 4 a.m."

OWS OPPRESSION - the actions do not support the message

OLD PROVERB - It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.

OWS TORONTO - "Man Was in my Tent Sniffing my Girlfriend’s Feet”

ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL - closed today thanks to OWS London They done what Hitler couldn't

OCCUPY ASHEVILLE - going bye bye the liberal base didn't want to pay extra taxes for bums to sit around

ABC NEWS - “as of tonight, Occupy Wall Street has spread to more than 250 American cities, more than a thousand countries -- every continent but Antarctica.”

THEIR MESSAGE - help get it out

Tea Party -